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Welcome to Wandering Acres Ranch, LLC! We breed AKC/ASCA Australian Shepherds. Our goal is to have well rounded family dogs, working dogs and show dogs. There is no size variation in our breed all of our dogs are just simply Australian Shepherds. We are extremely picky about our breeding stock that we bring into our program. Just the same as what we breed for is what we want to bring in. Temperament is huge. We do not allow aggressive dogs ( or bloodlines) into our program. With Aussies there are different drive levels : low-high. We have all levels here but even with our high drive dogs they have an off switch. Our dogs are great with working all day on our farm or they are happy to sleep and watch movies. Everyone is well socialized with both people and other animals from a young age. We are a Bred with Heart breeder along with a good dog breeder. We also are a Washington State Licensed and Inspected Kennel! We are here to answer questions anytime. Please also follow our facebook page for more updates, by clicking the following link: Wandering Acres Ranch

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