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Wandering Acres Amazing Grace

Everyone please officially meet Wandering Acres Amazing Grace “Grace”. This is our keeper pup out of Magic ( Marrandi Jey Jey Shoco Magic) x Goose ( Fandori Happy World Ardi Fantastic). She has been the easiest puppy we have raised for ourselves in a while. She has such happy and easy going personality and biddable temperament. Our daughter Dakota has started showing her and we are so excited to see this girls future!

AKC Australian Shepherd


Hips: too young

elbows: too young

Patellas: too young

Cardiac:too young

Caer (eyes): normal

Genetic Panel thru Paw Prints:

to be completed.


You guys. I don’t even know how to begin this. I thought last weekend was the best weekend for showing. Nope- my daughter just out showed me today ( Jan 21,2023)in her very first show with our Bred by puppy in her first show!! She went Best of Breed puppy and Herding Group 1!! Absolutely had me in tears of pride. I can’t even. Amazing day.

This is our girl Wandering Acres Amazing Grace “Grace” she is out of our Russian imports Marrandi Jey Jey Shoco Magic “Magic” bred by Margo Marrandi and Fandori Happy World Ardi Fantastic “Goose” bred by Elena Timoshenko but came to me from Sheree Sanchez huge thank you to all these breeders for these great kids. Quite literally couldn’t do this with out you guys believing in me.

Thank you to her Judge today Tami Worley for this amazing placement and all your kind words. She came up to me during photos and told me that Dakota is a natural and to keep her showing she is great and did really good today. But she wanted me to know that she placed the dog today because it was an outstanding puppy from her structure, movement, personality, temperament everything about her. Such a great moment for me for me on a breeder standpoint to hear that!

Lastly, thank you so incredibly much for everyone who cheered Dakota and Grace on, as well as helped them! You guys are all the best.

There will be more photos to come but I can’t wait to post this so I apologize in advance for the million photos I will be posting this week.

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