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Marrandi Glamoor Di Fiori

Everyone please meet Marrandi Glamoor Di Fiori “ Fiori”. Fiori is one of our silliest go getter girls! This girl can FLY and is hilarious. We had sent her out to be shown but she didn't love the show ring. We may try again here in the future. Fiori is another one who came to us from Margo Marrandi in Russia! We just adore this sweet girl.

DNA verified


Hips: Good

elbows: normal

Patellas: normal

Cardiac: normal

Caer (eyes): Normal
Chic certified

Paw Print Genetics: HC carrier

FIORI WBvallejo.jpeg

They did it again (04/22/2023)!! So stinking proud of both these girls! Winners Bitch again!

Marrandi Glamoor Di Fiori “Fiori” bred by Margo Marrandi. As always huge thank you to her!

Thank you to Judge Mr. Merle Taylor for seeing our girl!

Now we get to relax in shorts and tanks for the rest of the day watching the show  I don’t think I am ready to go back to the cold, rain and mud

fiori dakota wbcell.jpg
dakota fiori ringside.jpg

Today (04/21/2023) was a great day down in Vallejo, CA! I couldn’t have done it with out my kiddo who is proving to be quite the handler!! All 4 of the dogs ( 2 dogs and 2 bitches) we brought went back in for Winners so Dakota showed one and I showed the other. Then Dakota went and just kept winning ! She showed our girl Fiori and went WINNERS BITCH for Fiori’s first 2 points towards her AKC championship. This is so huge. If y’all just knew what Fiori has been through… So beyond proud!!

Marrandi Glamoor Di Fiori “Fiori” bred by Margo Marrandi can never thank you enough for giving me my first chance in the dog show world

Huge thank you to Judge Mr. John Walsh for todays placements and all the kind words about all my dogs.

Ps us pale Washington people and dogs are loving yet dying in the sun also, I will be posting a similar post for risk here in a bit

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